2001 was the starting year for RuneScape Classic, with the core updates of the game occurring this year.






  • 8 May: Goblin Diplomacy quest was released. Making jewellery and pottery was introduced. This server was added.
  • 24 May:
    • Good Magic and Evil magic were converted into the Magic skill.
    • Jagex removed pop-up windows from their website.
  • 25 May: Fourth server was added.
  • 26 May: Jagex updated prayers so they last 50% longer.



  • 12 July: The Black Hole Experience, which requires the now discontinued Disk of Returning to exit, and the Monastery was opened on Thursday.
  • 12 July: Silver ore and rocks released.
  • 17 July: 5th RuneScape server online.
  • 26 July: The Bank of RuneScape was updated on Sunday, so that players are able to store up to 48 items instead of just Coins. Runite weapons and armour were also released on this date. Player-owned houses removed due to lack of space. Runite was originally purple.


  • 13 August:
    • The Wilderness was released on Monday.
    • A new non-player character named Oziach, who would later play a role in the Dragon Slayer quest, was also released.
    • The town of "Ghost town" turned into Edgeville.
    • Stat Menus started showing experience.




The first 4 skill master-ships were achieved in this year with these players taking the top ranks:

  • Woodcutting - Everdred
  • Magic - Bluerose13x
  • Smithing - Bluerose13x
  • Cooking - Tks

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