Talking to banker

A player talking to a banker

A Bank is a place where players can deposit their items for safe keeping. While in the bank, items are safe, as items held in the inventory can be lost upon death.

The RuneScape Classic bank is divided into 4 pages; each page can contain 48 items; in total, 192 different items can be stored in a player's bank.

Players first learn about how to use a bank on tutorial island, where a section of the tutorial is dedicated to walking a player through depositing and withdrawing items.

In RuneScape Classic, only one player can talk to a non-player character at a time. Because talking to a Banker is required to access your bank account, banking can be difficult in busier areas of the game.

Bank Example

An example of a bank


Note that unlike RuneScape 2, there is no bank at the top of Lumbridge Castle. There is also no option to protect a player's bank with a bank PIN.

Trivia Edit

When RuneScape Classic was re-opened in 2009, "withdraw-x" and "deposit-x" options were added to the bank to make withdrawing and depositing stackable items faster.

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