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Charged Dragonstone Amulet

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Charged Dragonstone Amulet
Charged Dragonstone Amulet

Quest Item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
High Alch Unknown
Low Alch Unknown
Shop Price Not Sold
Sale Price Unknown edit
Examine a very powerful amulet

The Charged Dragonstone Amulet is arguably the best amulet in Runescape Classic. It may not have the highest individual stats but boasts well-rounded bonuses for any combat style. It also can be used for teleportation. It can be made by taking a gold bar, an amulet mould, and a cut dragonstone to a furnace and making an unstrung amulet. After using a ball of wool on the strung amulet it must be enchant the amulet with Enchant lvl-5 amulet (requires level 68 magic).

With completion of Heroes' Quest, you can take this amulet to the fountain in the Heroes' Guild and enchant it so it has 4 charges. You CAN use/equip this amulet and use its teleport features without completion of Heroes' Quest. The amulet can teleport you to the following locations:

The Dragonstone Amulet of Glory also slightly increases the odds of you getting a gem while mining. This increase is only when charged.

Attack Defense Other
WeaponAim WeaponPower Armour Magic Prayer
+10 +6 +3 +3 +3

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