For the level associate with combat, see Combat level.

A player fighting a man.

Combat is an aspect of RuneScape Classic gameplay which allows the user to attack various player and Non-Player Characters around them. During combat, a player will fight their opponent until one of them dies or retreats. To retreat, simply click to walk away from the fight. Retreating is not allowed until three rounds of combat have passed, and a player cannot log out until ten seconds have passed outside of combat. Keep in mind that some enemies are aggressive, that is, they initiate combat with players and will follow players a certain distance after retreating.

Combat involves seven different skills:

  • Attack, which causes players to hit more accurately with melee.
  • Strength, which causes players to hit higher numbers with melee.
  • Defense, which reduces the amount players are hit.
  • Hitpoints, which raises the amount of damage a player takes before dying.
  • Ranged, which allows for more efficient ranged combat.
  • Magic, which allows for more efficient magical combat.
  • Prayer, which allows various different bonuses to be temporarily applied.


In RuneScape Classic, there are three combat classes that players can become. Those are: Mages, players who train magic and primarily fight with it, Rangers, players who train their ranged skill and use it in combat, and Warriors, players who fight with melee.

Combat StylesEdit


The menu for the attack styles.

There are four different attack styles. All of them add experience to Hits at the same rate, but others add experience to specific skills, with the exception of Controlled, which adds experience to all three at a slower rate. They all give bonuses to the skills they add experience to, excluding Hits. In melee and ranged combat, you will only gain experience after you have killed your opponent.

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