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Crossbow bolts

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Crossbow bolts
Crossbow bolts

Quest Item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable Yes
High Alch 1gp
Low Alch 1gp
Shop Price 2gp - Gulluck and Sons
Sale Price Unknown edit
Examine Good if you have a crossbow!

Crossbow bolts are ammunition for the crossbow and the phoenix crossbow. These have about the same power as bronze or iron arrows. These are the second strongest bolts in RuneScape Classic, only beaten by pearl bolts, which have power similar to mithril arrows.

Crossbow bolts cannot be made by players. Instead, they can be bought from Gulluck and Sons store in The Grand Tree or picked up at a spawn point on the first floor of Grum's shop in Port Sarim.

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