Dyes are made by Aggie the witch in Draynor Village and are used in the quests, Prince Ali Rescue and Goblin Diplomacy. They can also be used to change the colour of Capes.

Types of dyesEdit

Aggie can make red, blue, and yellow dyes by bringing her 5 coins and specific ingredients. Players can also mix some dyes to create different colours.

Image Dye How to make
Reddye Reddye Bring 5 coins and 3 redberries to Aggie.
Yellowdye Yellowdye Bring 5 coins and 2 onions to Aggie.
Bluedye Bluedye Bring 5 coins and 2 woad leaves to Aggie.
Purpledye Purpledye Mix red dye with blue dye. There is also a respawn near West Ardougne.
Greendye Greendye Mix blue dye with yellow dye.
Orangedye Orangedye Mix red dye with yellow dye.

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