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Edgeville, formerly Ghost Town, is a small town to the north of Barbarian Village. Both a bank and a General Store sit in the north part of town. Edgeville is also on the cusp of the southern Wilderness border, because of that it is a popular gathering spot for player killers before they go north. The bank is also used by players collecting herbs and big bones in Edgeville Dungeon.


Before the introduction of the Wilderness, Edgeville had a slightly different appearance, that of an abandoned town, and was known as Ghost Town on the world map.

The building containing Men had no roof and had ferns growing inside it. All buildings used the darker brick texture. There was no bank, and the building currently containing a bank had an entrance to the east side instead of the north. The River Lum that flows past Edgeville led directly into the sea north of Edgeville through white cliffs.

Edgeville was still important in this time period as it was the entrance to one of two dungeons (the other being Varrock Sewers). The first Adamantite rock was mined in Edgeville Dungeon by the player S H A R K.


Getting thereEdit

Player can teleport themselves to Edgeville via the Charged Dragonstone Amulet. A Spirit Tree is located in the forest east of the River Lum.


The house containing several Men is also a popular place for low levels to pickpocket or collect herbs en masse. There is also a house with guards further north.

South of the bank there is a mausoleum with a trapdoor leading to the Dungeon underneath Edgeville and the first 9 levels of the Wilderness.

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