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Entrana, a Saradomin outpost, is an island close to Crandor which plays a large role in the Lost City quest. Armour and weapons are not allowed here, but items can be worn as long as they provide no attack or Defense bonuses. Attractions include a Herblaw shop, a furnace, an altar, a mine, Chicken coop, and the Entrana Dungeon. Players new to Classic should note that the law altar, used in RuneScape 2 to create Law-runes, does not exist, as Runecrafting (skill) does not exist in RuneScape Classic.


There are several dangers on Entrana. Remember, NO armour or weapons are permitted on this holy island. The Entranan Monks will stop and search you for contraband before you leave from Port Sarim. The only exceptions to this rule are Runes, unfinished Arrows and incomplete ranged weapons.

There are several Unicorns and Bears on the island, but high levelled players should be fine. However, the dungeon contains several level 87 Greater demons. The fabled Dramen Tree, located inside of the dungeon, is guarded by a level 95 Tree Spirit. If you attempt to "chop" the Dramen Tree, your Prayer will be completely drained, and the Tree Spirit will attack you.

Entrana is also the habitat for the Entrana Fire Bird (level 6), a creature that drops the Firebird Feather. This feather is part of the Heroes' Quest. In order to obtain the feather, one must be wearing Ice Gloves (obtained during the Heroes' Quest by killing the level 103 Ice Queen).


this is the fire bird


Entrana has many different facilities, including:

  • An altar for recharging Prayer points. This altar is just north east of the landing area. The head Priest is standing by here.
  • A furnace that is mainly used for glassblowing. It is not recommended for smelting ores because there is no bank on Entrana.
  • A small mine to on the northern part of Entrana. This mine contains 3 Iron ore, 3 Coal, and 1 Gold ore.
  • A bed on the second floor of the house just northwest of the furnace. The glassblowing pipe can be obtained here.
  • There is a Herblaw shop located on the southwestern corner of the island; vials, Pestle and mortars, and some Eye of Newt are all sold here.

Entrana DungeonEdit

The Entrana Dungeon is pretty small, it contains only 3 monsters (Zombies, Greater demons, and a Tree Spirit). Again, this dungeon is very dangerous because Entranan Monks does not allow armour or weapons. The only ways out of the dungeon are via teleport, or exiting the door at the far end of the dungeon. This door leads into deep Wilderness, so be careful.

The Dramen tree is guarded by the level 95 Tree Spirit, which must be slain in order to complete Lost City.


Entrana is a very peaceful, holy island south of Taverley. Entrana does have some elements of danger, but it is mostly serene. It is the home of the Saradomin Monks. No armour or weapons are allowed in the island.

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