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It may not accurately reflect the current version of RS Classic.

EvilMagic was an early form of magic that existed when RuneScape Classic was first released. It was the antithesis of GoodMagic. EvilMagic was removed on the 24th May 2001 with the update New magic system online!


Level Name Description Runes required
1 Confuse Confuse enemy Mind-Rune 2 Mind-Runes, Body-Rune 1 Body-Rune
1 Thick skin Defense +5 Earth-Rune 2 Earth-Runes, Body-Rune 2 Body-Runes
4 Shock bolt A strength 1 Missile attack Fire-Rune 2 Fire-Runes, Air-Rune 1 Air-Rune
9 Elemental bolt A strength 2 Missile attack Fire-Rune 1 Fire-Rune, Water-Rune 1 Water-Rune, Air-Rune 1 Air-Rune, Earth-Rune 1 Earth-Rune
12 Fear Causes opponent to retreat from combat Water-Rune 1 Water-Rune, Mind-Rune 3 Mind-Runes

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