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Fatigue is a stat in RuneScape Classic which affects your abilities to gain experience. When your fatigue reaches 100%, you no longer gain experience from training in Classic. To restore your fatigue, one must rest. Players can rest on a bed, Crude Bed, Hammock or in a sleeping bag. When resting, the player must type in a word to resume playing.

Jagex added Fatigue as a mechanic to stop macroers, which ultimately failed due to the use of "Auto-Sleepers" and the fact that it was considered annoying by a majority of players. This caused Jagex to replace the fatigue system with "Random Events" in RuneScape 2.

Fatigue FormulaEdit

$ f(exp) = \frac{8}{5} \times exp $

where 100% fatigue is 7500 and 96% is 7200.

This odd scale is due to some actions that give a small amount of fatigue, that needs to be accounted for, and the fact that there is no rounding or potential for rounding error.

The client is actually given the fatigue value divided by 10. To get a percent, from the value given, you just multiply by: $ \frac{2}{15} $

This factor is actually in the client, but seen as 100/750 which confirms the above formula.

Then the final equation to get the relationship between fatigue and percentage is: $ f(exp) = \frac{16}{750} \times exp $

Note that the formula should only be used as a base reference. The actual values in some cases differ either up or down from the values that could be obtained from the formula.

Fatigue ratesEdit


The resting screen



See Food



  • Firemaking: 0.02101% per xp (ex: when 55.25 xp - 1.161%)


See Fishing


See Fletching Arrows:



See Herblaw



See Mining


See Prayer


See Smithing


  • Disarm chest: 0.1600
  • Nature chest: 8/15
  • Blood-rune chest: 5.0000
  • Paladin chest: 10.0000
  • Wilderness chest: 0.1500
  • Blood-rune chest tower door: 0.8000
  • Pirate wilderness middle door chest: 0.1000
  • Pirate wilderness south wall chest: 0.7000
  • Pirate wilderness south house chest: 2.7000
  • Hemenster chest: 3.0000


See Woodcutting


  • Fatigue stat was introduced in 14 November 2002, where players would need to go to beds or eat some food to get their fatigue reduced.
    Fatigue food

    Player talking to Paul about using food to lower fatigue

  • In 15 November 2002, many beds were placed in-game to accommodate fatigue reduction in players.
  • The fatigue rates were adjusted in 25 November 2002, closer to what they are nowadays.
  • Sleeping bags became introduced in 27 May 2003, giving players the mobility for fatigue reduction. This helped a lot, specially those doing skilling or combat in areas very distant from beds.


  • There was a glitch from 28 May to 1 June 2010 that caused beds and sleeping bags to be unusable on world 2, meaning that non-veterans were unable to restore fatigue. This was fixed several hours before the reopening later that day.


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