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Fletching is one of the 18 skills in RuneScape Classic. Like most of the skills, it requires intensive clicking. Visit the Fletching page for more information.

Inventory Edit

To fletch efficiently, one should place their desired axes in the first section of their inventories. Next to it should hold a Sleeping bag to reduce fatigue, a knife, and finally 27 logs that your level could cut.

Location Edit

It is recommended to fletch at the Seer's village bank, where it is surrounded by member's only trees needed for training.

Levels 1 - 70 Edit

As there is no Grand Exchange in RuneScape Classic, one must either cut, or buy logs from other players. Then simply make:

You would need 563 logs, 788 Oak logs, 1,991 Willow logs, and 11,108 Maple logs. This will also get you 1,278,862.5 Woodcut experience, enough to reach level 74, if you obtain all the logs yourself.

Levels 70 - 99 Edit

The most common way of achieving level 99 Fletching is to make bows. Since most likely, you'll obtain the logs yourself, money is not an issue here. In fact, the issue is now time and patience.

It is recommended to fletch Yew longbows, then cast high level alchemy on them to convert them into Coins. Once you reach level 85, fletch Magic longbows, and do the same thing. You must make:

As the high level alchemy value of the bows is 768 and 1,536 for Yew longbows and Magic longbows, high level alchemizing them will return 94,960,896 Coins assuming you actually obtained your own nature-runes.

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