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Food plays a vital role in RuneScape Classic as is used to restore some of the Hits of a player if they are hurt. There are no requirements to eat any of the food but raw food must be cooked using the cooking skill, each requiring a specific cooking level to cook and each restores a specific amount of Hits when eaten. To eat a piece of food, players must simply click it.

Unlike RuneScape 2, food cannot be eaten in while in combat. Instead, players must retreat after 3 rounds of combat and then eat.

List of foodEdit

There are many foods throughout RuneScape Classic, ranging from plain meat to fish and from pies to pizzas. Some of the foods are only available to members, however most are available to both non-members and members.


Image Name Members? Heals Level Experience
Shrimp Shrimp No 1 1 30
Anchovies Anchovies No 1 1 30
Sardine Sardine No 4 1 40
Herring Herring No 5 5 50
Giant Carp Giant Carp Yes 0 1 0
Mackerel Mackerel Yes 6 10 60
Trout Trout No 7 15 70
Cod Cod Yes 7 18 75
Pike Pike No 8 20 80
Salmon Salmon No 9 25 90
Tuna Tuna No 10 30 100
Lobster Lobster No 12 40 120
Bass Bass Yes 13 43 130
Swordfish Swordfish No 14 45 140
Lava eel Lava eel Yes 14 53 140
Shark Shark Yes 20 80 210
Sea turtle Sea turtle Yes 20 82 212
Manta ray Manta ray Yes 21 91 216

See also: Fishing#Fish


See Pizza.


See Pie.


See Kebab.


See Stew.


Image Name Members? Heals Level Experience
Crunchies Choc crunchies Yes 15
Worm crunchies Worm crunchies Yes 15
Crunchies Toad crunchies Yes 15
Spice crunchies Spice crunchies Yes 15


Image Name Members? Heals Level Experience
Cheese and tomato batta Cheese and tomato batta Yes 25
Batta Fruit batta Yes 25
Batta Toad batta Yes 25
Batta Veg batta Yes 25
Worm batta Worm batta Yes 25


Image Name Members? Heals Level Experience
Chocolate bomb Chocolate bomb Yes 30
Vegball Vegball Yes 30
Worm hole Worm hole Yes 30
Tangled toads legs Tangled toads legs Yes 30


Image Name Members? Heals Level Experience
Cabbage Cabbage No 1 N/A N/A
Cooked Oomlie meat Parcel Cooked Oomlie meat Parcel Yes 8 N/A 40
Tomato Tomato No 2 N/A N/A
Pineapple chunks Pineapple chunks No 2 N/A N/A
Pineapple ring Pineapple ring No 2 N/A N/A
Potato Potato No 1 N/A N/A
Cookedmeat Cookedmeat/Chicken No 3 1 40
Bread Bread No 4 1 40
Wine Wine No 11 35 110
Cake Cake No 12 40 120
Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake No 15 50 120
Spinach roll Spinach roll No N/A N/A


See: Drinks

Damaging FoodEdit

While there are many helpful foods in RuneScape, there are several foods that will hurt the player. Items such as the rock cake and Potion of Zamorak will hurt the player. Alcoholic drinks, such as beer, while healing some Hits, will decrease various stats, such as attack. These drinks may also enhance some stats. Some foods have the ability to increase or decrease the Hits of a player. For example, the poison chalice and kebabs can help or harm the player.

See alsoEdit

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