Free to play (also known as F2P) was the free version of RuneScape Classic, which did not include many of the features of the member's game.

Free to play RuneScape Classic was removed in the summer of 2005 when the game was stopped being supported (due to the release of RuneScape 2) and developers at Jagex believed that the botting problem was getting too significant. However, this was highly controversial, as many players in the current (Members-only) version of RuneScape Classic believe that botting is still widespread.

Free worlds in 2002Edit

  • World 1
  • World 2
  • World 3
  • World 4
  • World 5
  • World 7
  • World 8


Free to play was more basic in comparison to the Pay to play version, such as the fewer number of quests and smaller game area. The main difference of the free version was the use of advertising banners above the game screen.


  • Back in 2002 there were separate client downloads for F2P and P2P.
  • Only normal trees could be found in the F2P area, the rest were P2P.
  • When the free version of RuneScape Classic existed, members' weapons would automatically become unequipped when the player logged in to a free world.

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