Released 4 January 2001 (Update)
Race Ghost
Quest NPC Yes - The Restless Ghost
Location Lumbridge graveyard
Shop None
Skill requirement None
Quest requirement The Restless Ghost
Pay-to-play No
Gender Unknown edit
Examine Ooh spooky
Notable features Unknown edit

The Ghost is an NPC that appears during The Restless Ghost quest. It can be spoken to at any point before or during the quest, however the player will need to equip the Amulet of GhostSpeak to do this, which is obtained from Urhney who can be found in a shack that can be found in Lumbridge swamp.

During the quest, the player has to go and collect the Ghost's skull after they are done talking to it, which is found at the altar in the Wizards' Tower basement. It will stop talking to you after the quest has been completed.

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