Gnomes are a race of non-player characters found throughout Kandarin, particularly in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, Tree Gnome Village, and Battlefield. However, there are some isolated gnomes scattered around Gielinor, notably Hazelmere and the Gnome pilots. They are green humanoids, smaller and more human in appearance than goblins. Often, gnomes can be seen wearing clothes and pointed wizard hats in a range of bright and pastel colours, though some (such as Glough) prefer armoured helmets. Bolren and King Narnode Shareen wear yellow party hats.


The following gnomes are monsters, and therefore can be attacked:

Non-player charactersEdit

These gnomes cannot be attacked or pickpocketed:


At level 75 thieving it is possible to pickpocket gnome children, gnome locals and some of the gnome trainers. In addition to 198 thieving experience, players will receive some of the following items:

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