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It may not accurately reflect the current version of RS Classic.

GoodMagic was an early form of magic that existed when RuneScape Classic was first released. It was the antithesis of EvilMagic. GoodMagic was removed on the 24th May 2001 with the update New magic system online!


Level Name Description Runes required
1 Chill bolt A strength 1 missile attack Water-Rune 2 Water-Runes, Air-Rune 1 Air-Rune
2 Burst of strength Increases your strength (+5) Body-Rune 2 Body-Runes, Earth-Rune 1 Earth-Rune
4 Camouflage Increases your hiding Fire-Rune 1 Fire-Rune, Mind-Rune 1 Mind-Rune, Body-Rune 1 Body-Rune
11 Rock skin Increases your defence (+10) Earth-Rune 3 Earth-Runes, Body-Rune 1 Body-Runes
14 Wind bolt A strength 2 missile attack Air-Rune 3 Air-Runes, Fire-Rune 1 Fire-Rune

Note numbers in parenthesis would not be shown, they are just a reference in the increase applied.