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Welcome to the information page for the RuneScape Classic Wiki IRC Channel.

Overview Edit

Internet Relay Chat, commonly known as IRC, is a popular online chat program. There are hundreds of networks, and thousands of channels, in which users may connect to. The Wiki has its own IRC channel, running on the Freenode network.

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These policies are to be followed at all times when in the official RuneScape Classic Wiki IRC channels. Punishment for breaking the rules vary from being kicked from the channel to being banned from the network, depending on the offence.

  • All RuneScape Classic Wiki rules apply.
  • All RuneScape/Jagex rules and terms apply.
  • No impersonating another user! No exceptions.
  • No nick-change spam, or nicks that have any suggestive or sexual reference. Stick to one or maybe two names. Also, please do not repeatedly enter and leave the channel purposefully in a short period of time.
  • Administrators have the ability to enforce these rules by kicking users from the channel, and in severe cases, setting bans on channels or the entire network. However, because it is sometimes difficult to establish a link between an IRC user and a wiki user, conduct on IRC will not necessarily lead to any action taken on the wiki. In severe cases that involve the endangerment of one or more person or legal violations, IP addresses can and likely will be used to link users.
  • Talking about anything of a sexual or illegal nature is prohibited.
  • Warez, cracks, etc. are also prohibited.
  • Please do not spam your YouTube videos or other links. Excessive spamming in general will result in a kick.
  • Excessive swearing or inappropriate discussion will result in a warning, then kick and possibly a ban if you cannot keep your language appropriate. Please remember that we do have younger users on the wiki. Evading censoring mechanisms will likely result in a ban or mute.


The Counter-vandalism IRC channel is used to feed possible vandalism from the RuneScape Wiki onto the channel as soon as it happens. This channel has the benefit of displaying these possible bad-faith edits as soon as they happen. While all of the changes displayed in the channel could be vandalism, not all of them are. Be sure that you check the changes made before you revert them. The counter-vandalism IRC channel can be accessed at #cvn-wikia-runescapeclassic. The channel can be accessed here.

Voice policyEdit

Certain users in the counter-vandalism channel have access to the feed bot, and have the ability to add/remove users and IPs to the blacklist, whitelist and adminlist. Voice is not typically given to those who ask for it, but instead to users who are frequently in the channel and reverting vandalism. Voice in the channel is assigned to those users who are trusted with it, and users with voice are not any more important than users without it.

Like with the main IRC channel, operator flags can be requested at the Maple Grove.

See also Edit

The following are also some helpful and popular channels:

  • #wikia-runescapeclassic -- RuneScape Classic main IRC channel
  • #cvn-wikia-runescapeclassic -- Live countervandalism feed from the Wiki
  • #freenode -- Freenode IRC support channel

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