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Leather Armour

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Leather Armour
Leather Armour

Quest Item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
High Alch Unknown edit
Low Alch Unknown edit
Shop Price 20 coins
Sale Price 8 coins
Examine Better than no armour!

Leather Armour is worn in the Chest slot and provides a +7 armour boost, and gives no penalties. Leather Armour can be crafted out of leather, with a needle and thread in your inventory at Level 14 Crafting, giving 25 crafting experience.

Respawn PointsEdit

  • The south-east corner of Varrock, in a house just north-west from the Zamorak Chaos Temple and south-west of Aubury's rune shop. it respawns next to and along with two logs.

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