The ground floor of the Legends' Guild

The Legend's Guild is the highest level guild in RuneScape, requiring 108 Quest Points and completion of the Legend's Quest in order to enter. This guild sells the Cape of Legends as well as Half Dragon Square Shield.

Ground Floor Edit

Legends' Guild map 1

Sir Radimus Erkle is in charge of the place. His house is outside the main building, with his desk and a cupboard that contains machette.

In the main building's ground floor there are Totem Pole, round table and a throne.

There is also a fountain outside.

First Floor Edit

Legends' Guild map 2

Swordfish Pie Steel Arrows

Fionella runs Legends' Guild General Store in the first floor. Her store is the only store selling Apple pies and Steel Arrows in the game.

Interestingly, Sir Radimus' house also has a second floor but no means to get to it.

Top Floor Edit

Legends' Guild map 3

Mithril seed Half Dragon Square Shield 2 Cape of legends

The top floor contains bankers and Siegfried Erkle who runs Legends' Guild Shop.

Basement Edit

Legend's Guild Dungeon

A map of the dungeon beneath the Legends' Guild

A small dungeon with Pit Scorpions, Giant bats and Shadow Warriors that have increased chance to drop rare items such as left Half Dragon Square Shield.

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