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Lesser Demon

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Lesser Demon
Lesser Demon

Combat level 79
Hitpoints 79
Hits XP (?) 44.5
Experience (?) 133.5
Fatigue (?) 1.78%
Hostility Aggressive (?)
Poisonous No
Poisonable Yes
Max hit 8
Weakness Silverlight
  • Lesser but still pretty big
  • Lesser but still very big

Lesser Demons are monsters with a combat level of 79. They are vulnerable to the Silverlight sword.

Note: Silverlight has to be wielded while making the initial attack (first hit), otherwise the special ability won't activate.

Locations Edit

Drops Edit

100% drops Edit

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Ashes Ashes 1 1Always

Weapons & ArmourEdit

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Steel Axe Steel Axe 1 2Common
Large Steel Helmet Large Steel Helmet 1 2Common
Steel Scimitar Steel Scimitar 1 3Uncommon
Mithril Chain Mail Body Mithril Chain Mail Body 1 4Rare
Mithril Square Shield Mithril Square Shield 1 4Rare
Medium Rune Helmet Medium Rune Helmet 1 4Rare


Image Item Quantity Rarity
Fire-Rune Fire-Rune 40 2Common
Chaos-Rune Chaos-Rune 8 7Unknown
Death-Rune Death-Rune 2 7Unknown
Law-Rune Law-Rune 2 7Unknown

Rare Drop Table Edit

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 1 4Rare
Uncut emerald Uncut emerald 1 4Rare
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby 1 4Rare
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 1 5Very rare
Half of a key (tooth) Half of a key 1 5Very rare
Half of a key (loop) Half of a key 1 5Very rare
Half Dragon Square Shield 1 Half Dragon Square Shield 1 5Very rare


Image Item Quantity Rarity
Coins Coins 40, 120, 200 2Common
Wine Wine 1–2 2Common
Goldore Gold 1 Rare

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