Lumbridge Castle

Lumbridge Castle from a birds eye view

The Lumbridge Castle plays a massive place in the center of many quests. It houses many facilities, and is the crown gem of Lumbridge. Many newcomers often use this castle in order to train, as well as stay alive. This large castle is the centerpiece in much of the Free-to-Play world. It is located in Lumbridge, which is where newcomers arrive after tutorial island. This castle may be the most known place in all of RuneScape.


There are a few quests situated in the Lumbridge Castle. These include:

On the ground floor of the castle, there is a cook in need of assistance. Can you help him? See the Cook's Assistant guide for more information.

For Dragon Slayer, you need the Duke of Lumbridge's help to slay a mighty dragon.


There are many facilities in Lumbridge Castle. On the ground floor there is a range by the chef, and there are 2 item respawns.

On the first floor there is bed and a spinning wheel, and the Duke of Lumbridge.


There are several inhabitants of Lumbridge Castle. These include:

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