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Magic is a combat skill in RuneScape Classic. The runes required for better spells can be relatively expensive to buy, as they can only be acquired through monster drops, pickpocketing, or from other players. Training magic in RuneScape Classic to decent levels, however, can be relatively fast, and cheap.

Acquiring RunesEdit

Some of the best ways to get lots of runes quickly is to train other skills.

  • Mind, Body, and Elemental Runes - One of the best ways to acquire many of these runes quickly and cheaply is to mine iron at the east mine south of Varrock, and purchase Aubury's stock of your desired runes between each trip. Aubury stocks 50 of each rune and will sell all mind and body runes for an average of 4 gp each, and all elemental runes for an average of 5.5 gp each. It takes him only 5 minutes, 15 seconds to completely restock, which is plenty of time to walk out to the mine, get a full load of ores, and return, assuming you don't have competition at the mine or Aubury's shop (there is also a bed upstairs in the nearby anvil building to rest between trips). With this method, you can easily, and cheaply get over 500 air and mind-runes each hour for around 5k, which when used with an earth staff (bought from Zaff's Staffs in Varrock for 1500gp), can be used to cast earth Strike over 500 times for around 20k experience. Mind, Body, and Elemental Runes are also common drops from most monsters.
  • Chaos-runes - There is one shop in port sarim, so monster drops, pickpocketing, and respawns are the best ways to get them, if you don't have or want to spend money to buy them from other players. One of the best ways for Low levels to get these is to kill the Level 25 Dark Wizards at the Dark Wizards' Tower Just west of Falador, and North of the Crafting Guild and Makeover Mage. These Dark Wizards can drop 3 chaos-runes at a time, and there is also a chaos-rune respawn at the top of the tower. Higher levelled players might try their luck killing Chaos Dwarves in the wilderness. They can drop 7 chaos-runes at a time and sometimes drop the Muddy Key which opens the chest in the Lava Labirinth. Among the treasures of the chest are 10 chaos-runes. There is also a chaos-rune respawn in the wilderness, near the Moss Giants. Lesser and greater demons can drop 8 and 10 chaos-runes respectively. With Level 70 Thieving, you can pickpocket chaos-runes one at a time from Paladins without too much trouble.
  • Death-runes - Death-runes can be easier and cheaper to acquire than chaos-runes, especially for lower levels. After completing Gertrude's Cat, players can purchase kittens from Gertrude for just 100gp each. It takes 2hrs to raise a kitten into a cat, which can be sold to the civilian in the rat filled house in West Ardougne (after Plague City) for 25 death-runes. An easy way to raise a cat is to hold it and a ball of wool with you while you fish. Feed it a raw fish every time it meows or purrs, and give it the ball of wool every time it wants attention. Many monsters can sometimes drop death-runes in small amounts. At 80 Thieving, Heroes can be pickpocketed, which sometimes yields 2 death-runes.
  • Blood-runes - Blood-runes are among the most difficult runes to get ahold of. They are dropped in small amounts by many monsters. Some of the best ways to get ahold of them is through Thieving. Heros can be pickpocketed at level 80 thieving and 2 blood-runes can be looted from the chest in the chaos druid tower at level 59 thieving.
  • Nature-runes - Nature-runes can also be acquired through Thieving. One of the chests in the second floor of Argougne market house yields nature-runes, one at a time. Level 25 Dark wizards are a good source of nature-runes for low levels, dropping 3 at a time. There is also a nature-rune spawn in the wilderness.
  • Law-runes - Law-runes are best acquired through monster drops. If teleports are used sparingly, it doesn't take too long to obtain a good amount of law-runes.
  • Cosmic-runes - Cosmic-runes are not often needed, and more than enough can usually be obtained through various monster drops. One of the best ways to acquire many of them is from the respawn of 3 at a time in the far north-west wilderness. This areas is surrounded by several Ice Giants and Ice Warriors, which can also drop cosmic-runes.
  • Soul-runes - Soul-runes can only be bought from the magic guild in Yanille (level 66 magic required).

Combat spellsEdit

It's a good idea to train your magic killing Dark wizards, because they most frequently drop multiple runes. Level 25 Dark wizards can be found in the tower west of Falador, and they drop more runes at a time. Dark wizards are low levelled, so one can wear robes instead of armour to boost their magic stat, and fail less frequently.

Safe spotting Count DraynorEdit

A player's inventory should contain nothing but the following:

Players can repeatly cast Wind strike on high-level opponents while behind a safespot. To save the trouble of finding another monster/ picking up drops/ etc, players can do the following:

  1. Complete Vampire Slayer until you need to fight Count Draynor.
  2. Search the coffin, Count Draynor should appear.
  3. Have Count Draynor on the other side of the coffin.
  4. Finally, repeatly cast Wind strike at the Count.

The above trick works because the Count would regenerate 1/4 of his Hits everytime it reaches 0 if players did not bring a stake. This allows for quick, cheap experience. Assuming this trick was done at level 1 Magic, it would take 592,475 Wind strikes to get to level 99 Magic.

Noncombat spellsEdit

nature-runes and a fire staff can be used for superheating ores into bars while mining, or for alchemizing unwanted drops or made equipment, such as armour and weapons.

Cosmic and elemental runes can be used to enchant strung amulets into various stat boosting amulets, which can be sold to other players for good amounts of money.

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