Make over mage
Make over mage

Released 10 May 2002 (Update)
Race Human
Quest NPC None
Location Northwest of Crafting Guild, southwest of Falador (On a tiny strip of land near the fence)
Shop Yes - makeovers
Skill requirement None
Quest requirement None
Pay-to-play No
Gender Male
Examine He can change how I look
Notable features Changed clothing, hairstyles, gender, and skin tone for players.

The Make over mage is an NPC in RuneScape Classic who can change your avatar's appearance. You must have 3,000 coins to change your appearance.

Make over mage location

Makeover mage's house

Customizing your avatarEdit


Getting a makeover.

There are multiple combinations to choose for your avatar.

You can choose whether to change your gender, hair, skin tone, and clothing.

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