Members Gate
The Member's Gates were gates that restricted Free-to-play access from the Free area onto Members. For members, these gates indicate which areas once were only accessible to free players.


The Brimhaven gate is located in eastern Brimhaven near Karamja Volcano.



The gate area in Taverley.

Taverley gate is located North-West of Falador and is the gate which leads into Taverley, the first members city after the gate.


The Wilderness gates are located in the high level Wilderness wall: west in Frozen Waste Plateau and northeast of Red Dragon Isle. Two more gates are near Lava Maze at entrances of King Black Dragon lair and Lava Maze dungeon.


  • In free worlds, the member's gate was usually a place for scams. For example, a "supposed" member tricked a free player into giving him stuff in return for a made up code that would make the free player pass through the gate, except this has never been possible.
  • Unlike regular gates, Member's Gates are automatically closed
  • Even on members world the examine text: You can pass through this on the members server, remains.

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