Released 6 April 2001 (Update)
Combat level 13
Hitpoints 15
Hits XP (?) 11.5
Experience (?) 34.5
Fatigue (?) 0.46%
Hostility Retreats (?)
Pay-to-play No
Poisonous No
Poisonable Yes
Max hit 2
Weakness None
Examine A Peaceful monk

A Monk is an attackable NPC that is found at the Monastery, Entrana and in many churches. Monks are holy characters that are dressed on monk's robes, however, they do not drop them upon death. Abbot Langley is a well known monk who resides on the ground floor of the Monestary. He can restore players Hits upon request which is a reason why monks are often killed at the monastery as no food is required.


100% dropsEdit

Image Item Quantity Rarity
Bones Bones 1 1Always

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