Monster is the official term for an NPC which the player can attack. They are found all over Gielinor in RuneScape Classic. Monsters can be attacked using melee, ranged or magic attacks and are often fought to gain experience, loot, or progress through quests or specific areas. While some monsters will never begin a fight with a player, many high level creatures are aggressive, potentially killing unsuspecting players. Some monsters are human beings, they can be friendly NPCs, and player can sometimes choose methods of interacting them which do not involve combat, such as talking with them.

Combat level Edit

Each monster has a combat level which inform the player of how strong it is. A higher combat level generally indicates that the monster has more Hits and deals higher amounts of damage. It is also indicates that the monster has a stronger Defense and will take less damage and be hit by the player less often. It also reflects how strong the monsters attacks will be and how often they will hit the player successfully. Some monsters will retreat from combat when their health is low. If a player has over double the combat level of a monster, the monster will be docile, and will only attack when provoked. In areas such as the Wilderness most monsters are always aggressive.

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