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Released 24 May 2001 (Update)
Quest item No
Members item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable Yes
High alch 4gp
Low alch 2gp
Shop price 8gp - General Store
Sale price 2gp - General Store
Examine Used for alchemy spells

The Nature-Rune is an item used in the Magic Skill, primarily for casting spells such as Low level alchemy, High level alchemy, Superheat item and Bones to bananas.

Nature-Runes can be obtained from monster drops, buying them from other players, or by thieving from chests.

The market price of nature runes is still one of the most varying item prices at 450 to 800 coins each depending on the seller. Nature runes are constantly in high demand because of the high popularity of casting High level alchemy on smithed steel plate mail bodies and fletched yew longbows. Thieving at the nature rune chest in East Ardougne is a popular activity, and bots can hold the spot for weeks or months at a time.

Dropped byEdit

They are dropped by:

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black Heather 39 3 4Rare
Black Demon 156, 175 60–78 5Very rare
Black Dragon 200 10 3Uncommon
Blue Dragon 105 10 3Uncommon
Chaos druid 19 2 3Uncommon
Chaos Dwarf 59 6 3Uncommon
Darkwizard 13, 25 1, 3 3Uncommon
Dark Warrior 21 2 4Rare
Donny the lad 39 3 4Rare
Dwarf 18 1 3Uncommon
Earth warrior 52 2 3Uncommon
Fire Giant 109 3 4Rare
Giant 37 3 3Uncommon
Guard 28 1 3Uncommon
Hobgoblin 32, 48 3 3Uncommon
Ice Giant 68 4 3Uncommon
Ice Warrior 57 3 2Common
Jogre 58 1, 3, 7 2Common
King Black Dragon 245 3 3Uncommon
Moss Giant 62 4 3Uncommon
Mountain Dwarf 28 1 3Uncommon
Necromancer 34 3 3Uncommon
Pirate 27 1 2Common
Salarin the Twisted 69 2 4Rare
Speedy Keith 39 3 4Rare
Thug 18 1 2Common
Tribesman 39 2 2Common
Mountain Dwarf 28 1 3Uncommon
White Knight 56 3 4Rare

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