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Released 26 February 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Quest NPC Yes - Prince Ali Rescue, Dragon Slayer
Location Draynor Village
Shop No
Skill requirement None
Quest requirement None
Pay-to-play No
Gender Male
Examine An old sailor
Notable features Makes rope

Ned is an NPC who resides in Draynor Village. He is a retired sailor and makes ropes for players, if you give him either 15 coins or 4 balls of wool. He has a part in the Prince Ali Rescue and Dragon Slayer Quests.

Dragon Slayer Edit

The player is tasked with finding a boat captain to sail them to Crandor in the Dragon Slayer quest, who turns out to be Ned. It is said that no one has gone to Crandor in many years because it is haunted, cursed, and very dangerous, however Ned's only stipulation for bringing you there is that he needs a map and a boat. This is a sharp contrast to the response given by Captain Tobias who tells you "No, I need to stay alive- I have a wife and family to support" when the idea of sailing to Crandor is brought up. Happy to come out of retirement, Ned brings the player to Crandor on the Lady Lumbridge.

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