Normal tree
Normal tree Pointy tree Tree (unhealthy)

Woodcut level 1
Experience given 25
Fatigue received 0.533 per log cut
188 logs for 100 fatigue
Respawn rate 40-50 seconds
Examine A leafy tree
A pointy tree
This tree doesn't look too healthy

Trees are found in almost every city in RuneScape Classic, and the tree is the first a player can cut down when they begin the game using the woodcutting skill. Unhealthy-looking trees Dead tree can be found from Draynor Manor, Barbarian Village and Wilderness. To chop unhealthy trees the player must right-click and choose Chop.

Uses of the normal treeEdit

The normal tree is the only tree which gives Logs you can burn with the firemaking skill. Although the player can cut down oak trees, willow trees, maple trees, etc., they cannot burn any of the logs those trees give out, however, the experience you get when you burn the logs from a normal tree increases as your level also increases.

They are also used in fletching for making normal shortbows and longbows, giving out 10 fletching experience for a completed shortbow and 20 fletching experience for a completed longbow. The logs are also used to make arrow shafts, giving 5 Fletching experience per log.

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