Pay-to-play (also known as P2P and paying players are called members) is the payment-subscribed version of the game. Members pay Jagex a real-world money fee every month in order to access much more content within the game.

The pay-to-play version of the game was first announced on 4 October 2001, and officially released on 27 February 2002.

The term is not often used in RuneScape Classic anymore as there is no way to directly pay for membership in RuneScape Classic. Instead of this, by paying for membership on the current version of the game (RuneScape 3), players with Classic-enabled accounts will automatically receive access to RuneScape Classic as well. For this reason, all players in RuneScape Classic now are members, as the free version no longer exists and membership is required to play it.


The main advertising points of membership over the Free to play version are the masses of additional content (areas, quests, minigames and much more) that becomes available as well as the removal of advert banners from the top of the game window.


  • In the earliest days of RuneScape Classic, on free-to-play worlds, pay-to-play locations were non-existent. If a player were to log off in a members location and re-log on a free-to-play server, they would appear in the black void or in the middle of a body of a water, with no way out. The only way out was to move out of the area on a members world.

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