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Details Edit

Release date: 27 August 2002
Start: Talk to Edmond, in the house north of Ardougne Castle, by the wall of West Ardougne.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Short-Medium
Requirements: None (Level 4 Cooking recommended)
Items needed:
Monsters to kill: None


  • Talk to Edmond, and then to Alrena .
  • Go to McGrubor's woods (east of the coal mine) through the broken fence, and pick up some Dwellberries . Take them back to Alrena to gain a Gasmask and a picture of Elena.
  • Talk to Edmond . After doing so, use your buckets of water on the soil in the garden until it is soft enough to dig; you will fall through into the sewer.
  • Use a rope on the grill, and then talk to Edmond to unblock the path. Climb through the pipe into West Ardougne .
  • Talk to Jethick as you come out of the sewer, and agree to return the book. Go to the house to the north and try to walk in to the house. Ted Rehnison will take the book from you as you walk in. Speak to him and he will tell you to talk to his daughter Milli. Milli will direct you to an abandoned house in the southeast of West Ardougne .
  • You will be stopped from entering the house, as you need a permit. Go to the big office above the square, and ask the clerk who is through the door. Tell her it is urgent and you will be granted access. Talk to Bravek, who will tell you about a hangover cure, and give you a Scruffy note describing how to make a hangover cure.
  • Use some chocolate dust and snape grass on a bucket of milk to make the hangover cure . He will give you a warrant to enter the abandoned house.
  • Elena is hidden in the basement - Find the key hidden in the barrel nearby and release her. Talk to her father for your reward.


  • Some mining experience - depending on your mining level: 175 + 75*mininglevel
Mining level Experience


36 2875
63 4900

Quest SeriesEdit

Next Quest - Biohazard

Quest itemsEdit

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