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Required ItemsEdit

Prince Ali Rescue start

Quest start location in Al Kharid


To start the quest speak with Chancellor Hassan and ask him if he needs any help. He will then tell you to go see the spymaster Osman. After finding Osman who is just outside the palace he will tell you that the Prince Ali has been kidnapped by Lady Keli. You should now go to Draynor Village and find Leela, speak with her to get details on the items you need to collect to complete your mission.
Prince Ali Rescue Osman

Speaking to Osman

You should now:.

Talk to Leela again, and she will tell you the Guards weakness is beer. You will need three.Talk to the guard and give him all three beers .Once you have all of the escape equipment and you have immobilized the guard, use a rope on Lady Keli to tie her up.Use the key to unlock the cell and rescue the prince. Now return to Al Kharid for your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!


Quest itemsEdit

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