Quests are groups of related tasks, usually delegated and driven between the player and multiple non-player characters. These can take varying amounts of time to complete and form some sort of cohesive story, comprised of dialogue and scripted events. Upon completing a quest, the player will receive a pre-determined number of Quest Points and some type of reward in the form of coins, items, or access to new content. There are a total of fifty quests in the game with the last to be released being Legend's Quest. The list of quests can be found by clicking the Quest tab on the right side of the Stats page. Quests that have been highlighted in green are those that have been completed.

Since the release of pay-to-play membership, every quest has been exclusively available to pay-to-play players only. The last free-to-play quest to be released was Dragon Slayer.

Quest requirementsEdit

The following shows the minimum skill requirements to complete every quest in the game.

Skill Level Quest
Agility 50 Legends Quest
Attack 20 The Holy Grail
Cooking 53 Heroes Quest
Crafting 50 Legends Quest
Defense ---- none
Firemaking 30 Sea Slug
Fishing 53 Heroes Quest
Fletching 10 Tourist Trap
Herblaw 45 Legends Quest
Hits ---- none
Magic 59 (60) Family Crest (Mage Arena)
Mining 52 Legends Quest
Prayer 42 Legends Quest
Ranged 35 The Temple of Ikov
Smithing 50 Legends Quest
Strength 50 Legends Quest
Thieving 50 Legends Quest
Woodcut 50 Legends Quest
Quest points 107 Legends Quest
Total level 710 (711) All Quests

List of QuestsEdit

00percent - no guide yet
25percent - a small guide
50percent - a small guide with rewards
75percent - a guide with rewards
100percent - a comprehensive guide with pictures

Free to Play (Difficulty Level) (Quest Point(s) Reward)Edit

Pay to Play (Difficulty Level) (Quest Point(s) Reward) Edit

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