The RuneScape Classic Wiki is the wiki all about RuneScape Classic. Since anyone can edit the pages on here, information can come from a variety of sources. Started in April of 2009, it has currently has 3,278 articles.

Overview Edit

Ever since it was started in April of 2009 by Muzzy34, it has a growing database of all things RuneScape Classic.

Since it is a wiki, it will be targeted by a few individuals that just wish to disrupt, called vandals. We have Administrators that take care of this wiki, by blocking those that do.

Getting started Edit

First, to get a good start to this wiki is to register your account. Many choose to use their active account name. But, do NOT use your RuneScape password. Registering your account can get you new features that an IP doesn't have. You can now upload photos, upload by a URL, and much more.

Then, you can start to add information to the Wiki. You can start out however you want, either by uploading many photos to the website, by changing small spelling errors, or making a whole new article, the choices are yours!

It is highly recommended not to take information from other websites, as that is plagiarism. When you have to, please use reference tags while doing so.

Overall, have fun on this wiki, edit when you want. Editing should be something you want to do, not something you feel like you have to do.

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