This article is about the forums on the RuneScape website, not the wiki-based forum Maple Grove.

These are the forum sections that discuss RuneScape Classic on the official RuneScape website. They can be found in the RS Classic subforum block.

Modern ForumsEdit

Name Description
RuneScape Classic Discussion For any RuneScape Classic topic not covered by the other forums
RuneScape Classic Community For RuneScape Classic related trades, duels, events & clans
RuneScape Classic Feedback (Removed) For feedback and discussion about RuneScape Classic & the RuneScape Classic forum section

Old ForumsEdit

The old RSC forums. These forum sections no longer exist.

RuneScape Classic General
RuneScape Classic Marketplace
RuneScape Classic Pk'ing
RuneScape Classic Clans

On 20 November 2007, Jagex closed the RSC forums section to non-RSC players. Before closing the RSC forums, there was a dedicated thread posted, where players could post if they wanted to keep access to that forum section. A similar thread was later made a sticky. The RSC forums were opened to all players again in 2009.

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