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Runite (sometimes referred to as rune) is the strongest smithable metal in RuneScape Classic and can only be smithed by players with a high smithing level. It has a cyan colour.

Runite ore can be mined at level 85 mining and then smelted into a runite bar at level 85 smithing. Runite bars can then be used with runite smithing to create rune armour and weapons, for players to use in combat. These generally require 40 attack or defense to use respectively. A runite pickaxe, however, requires level 41 mining.

Rune armour provides the best armour for non-members and the rune plate mail body and rune plate mail legs are also used by members as these pieces have the leading bonuses in members. However, the dragon medium helmet, dragon longsword, dragon battleaxe, and the dragon square shield are the member only items which offer better bonuses than the large rune helmet, rune 2-handed sword, and rune kiteshield.


  • When Party Hat were first introduced into the game, many players prefered getting runite armour over the party hat.
  • The best tools for skillers are Rune Axe and the Rune Pickaxe, though the former must be bought from a player or gotten from a drop whilst the latter can be bought from Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop. Nonetheless, the Rune Axe can be used at any level whilst the player needs to wait for 41 mining to use the Rune Pickaxe.

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