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Seers' Village is located in the Kingdom of Kandarin and is home to several seers.

Features Edit

The village is noted for its nearby flax field and spinning wheel. There is a bank in the village, and to the west there is also a pub called the Forester's Arms. There is also a building with an anvil in the center of town. Located in the south western part of the village is a church and inside are two benches and an altar which can be used to restore prayer points. Outside the church there are eight scattered gravestones. There are tracks and coal trucks nearby to the north west. The village is a popular place for woodcutting training.

Woodcutting training Edit

Seer's Village is unique in RuneScape Classic because every type of tree and logs may be found here, and the maple trees here can be found nowhere else in Gielinor. This and the bank in town has made it a popular place for efficient and profitable woodcutting training.

Church seers

NPCs Edit

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