Released 4 January 2001 (Update)
Race Sheep
Quest NPC Sheep Shearer
Shop None
Skill requirement None
Quest requirement None
Pay-to-play No
Gender Sheep
Examine A very wooly sheep
Notable features Fluffy

Sheep are animals in RuneScape Classic. They can be used as a resource for wool by shearing them with shears by using the shears on the sheep. If you fail to sheer a sheep you will receive a message saying that it got away from you. Wool is used in the quest Sheep Shearer as well as for stringing amulets. These look very cartoonish when you look at them.

All sheep in RuneScape Classic have the same graphics. There are no black sheep, lambs, rams or sheared sheep like there are in RuneScape 2.

Like many monsters in RuneScape Classic, sheep have a "Talk-to" option, but when selected you receive a message saying "The Sheep does not appear interested in talking".

Unlike in RuneScape 2, a sheep in RuneScape Classic never runs out of wool, thus a player could in theory continue to gather wool from the same sheep continuously forever.

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