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Skills are levels of abilities for a player to perform a given task. Skills can increase a player's ability in combat, gathering resources, processing materials, or performing other tasks.

List of skillsEdit

The 18 skills are:

Skill Ability
Attack The ability to inflict damage more often in combat. As you level attack higher, you are able to use better weapons.
Defense The ability to block attacks and be hit with less damage more often in combat. As you level defense higher, you are able to use better armour.
Strength The ability to inflict higher amounts of damage in combat as you level strength higher.
Hits The amount of damage you can be inflicted with before you die.
Ranged The ability to hit an enemy with projectile weapons (such as a bow and arrow) from long range.
Prayer The ability to use prayers that enhance other skills or provide additional protection during combat.
Magic The ability to cast spells, using runes, to inflict damage, impair an enemy, enchant items, transmute items, or teleport.
Cooking The ability to cook meat, fish, pies, and other foods that will provide healing of Hits when eaten.
Woodcut The ability to use an axe to cut a tree and obtain logs.
Fletching The ability to make bow, arrows, and other projectile weapons.
Fishing The ability to obtain raw fish from fishing spots along the shore.
Firemaking The ability to light logs on fire with a tinderbox.
Crafting The ability to produce pottery, jewellery, glassware, and other processed goods.
Smithing The ability to smelt ores into metal bars and to smith those bars into weapons and armour.
Mining The ability to mine ores from rocks using a pickaxe.
Herblaw The ability to identify herbs and to mix them with other ingredients to create potions that will give boosts in various skills.
Agility The ability to navigate through various shortcuts.
Thieving The ability to pickpocket from NPCs and to steal from stalls.

Each skill has a maximum of 536,870,911 experience. The maximum level you can reach in a skill is 99. Attack, Strength, Defense, Hits, Prayer, Ranged and Magic also count towards your Combat level.

Skill totalEdit

Your total level is based on the sum of all of your skill levels. The maximum skill total in Runescape Classic is 1782.

Skill total Average skill level Total experience, minimum
720 40 670,032
900 50 1,823,994
1080 60 4,927,356
1260 70 13,277,286
1440 80 35,749,224
1620 90 96,233,976
1782 99 234,619,758


  • Tailoring
    Early rsc stats

    The Skills screen during the first weeks of RSC.

    was a former skill in RuneScape Classic, used to tan and craft leather items. It was later merged into Crafting.
  • Influence was a former skill, but was changed to become Quest points.
  • Carpentry was a proposed skill, but was not implemented in the game. It was later implemented in RuneScape 2 as the Construction skill.
  • Summoning was a proposed addition to the Magic skill which would have allowed players to summon monsters. It would have used the life-rune. It was later implemented in RuneScape 2 as the Summoning skill.
  • Along with the other equipment status, there used to be a hiding stat, though no equipable item gave a 'hiding' bonus.

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