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Smithing can be a difficult skill to train because you have to mine ores, smelt bars at a furnace, and then smith at an anvil, but despite popular belief, there are methods of power leveling.

One way to gain levels fast is to obtain the Gold Smithing Gauntlets from the Family Crest quest. These gauntlets provide 33.8 smithing experience per gold bar smelted, allowing a player to level up relatively fast compared to other methods. Using the gauntlets, it would require 385.7k gold ores to achieve lvl 1-99 smithing, without the need of using an anvil or coal! It is recommended that players mine gold ore underneath the Gnome Tree Stronghold and utilize world hopping to amass gold ore quickly; this location is faster than the crafting guild.

Another popular method to achieving 99 smithing is solely through smelting steel bars and smithing steel plates, however this means one would have to amass 237k iron ore and 474k coal, not an easy feat. This method is recommended to those who cannot obtain the gold smithing gauntlets, as coal and iron are some of the most traded commodities and yet still retain a relatively low market value. If players choose to mine coal and iron themselves, they are recommended to utilize the mining guild and the mining pit east of varrock respectively.

Seasoned smithers should know that Al Kharid has the closest furnace within range of a bank, and similarily Varrock West has the closest anvil to a bank. It is also useful to know that there are Certers in Lost City, who are also close to bankers, that will exchange ore and bars for certificates and vice versa. Finally, smithers should utilize the stat boosting brew, the Dwarven Stout, to boost their level by 1 when they wish to make items just above their reach.

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