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Smithing can be a slow and difficult skill to train because of the high cost of materials, but many players believe the reward of being able to produce runite weapons and armor to be worth the effort.

Firstly, to begin training smithing, smith the highest level item possible with bronze bars and iron bars, until it is possible to smith with steel bars.

Seasoned smithers should know that Al Kharid has the closest furnace within range of a bank, and similarly Varrock West has the closest anvil to a bank. It is also useful to know that there are certers in Zanaris who are also close to bankers, and will exchange ore and bars for certificates and vice-versa. Finally, smithers should utilize the stat boosting brew, the Dwarven Stout, to boost their level by 1 when they wish to make items just above their reach. Superheat item may be used for additional magic experience while smelting, and generally speeding up the smelting process if Nature-Runes are at the player's disposal.

A popular method for achieving 99 smithing is solely through smelting steel bars and smithing steel plates starting at level 48. This requires one to amass 237,000 iron ore and 474,000 coal. Coal and iron are some of the most traded commodities and retain a relatively low market value. If players choose to mine coal and iron themselves, utilizing the mining guild and the Varrock southeast mine is recommended. Every smithable product gives the same experience per bar, and every bar gives the same experience per coal, so other types of ore may be used instead of iron, but mining them may be much slower and buying them more expensive. Steel plates are often alchemized with High level alchemy, as even when buying Nature-Runes this should produce a profit if the materials were obtained by the player.

Another way to gain experience is to obtain the Gauntlets of goldsmithing from the Family Crest quest. These gauntlets provide 33.8 smithing experience per gold bar smelted from level 40 onwards. Using the gauntlets, it would require 385,700 gold ores to achieve level 99 smithing from level 1 smithing. It is recommended that players mine gold ore in the Tree Gnome Stronghold mine and utilize world hopping to amass gold ore quickly; this location is faster than the crafting guild. However, goldsmithing for smithing training is not very popular, due to the low speed of mining gold, the low speed of smelting compared to smithing, and the high cost of Nature-Runes, which are required to cast Superheat item. Gold ore, bars, and amulets are not often traded, making it difficult to profit or even break even through this method. Dragonstone Amulets are the most commonly traded amulets, but dragonstones are rare, only obtainable by using a Crystal key on the Crystal chest, and producing and selling amulets in general is slow.

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