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Stats is an in-game menu that contains two tabs, stats and quest. In the stats tab, players can see their skill levels, equipment status and overall levels that allows you to view both your skill levels and your quest list.


Main article: Skill

There are 18 skills, each with a maximum possible level of 99. The maximum experience achievable on a skill is 536,870,911 but may be overflowed, this is a difference from RuneScape 2.[Clarify]Fatigue is displayed on the skills menu despite not itself being a skill, and rather a byproduct of performing skill actions.

Quest Points, formerly known as Influence is also shown among skills, despite not always having direct impact on skills or the actions involving them.

Equipment StatusEdit

There are 5 equipment status stats, whose purposes vary from aiding in

  • Defending against hits (Armour)
  • Accuracy in attacks (WeaponAim)
  • Damage in attacks (WeaponPower)
  • Damage when casting spells (Magic)
  • Drain rate of prayer points while praying (Prayer)

Overall levelsEdit

  • Skill total is a counter for the total number of levels accounted from all skills. This may be useful when comparing against other players or trying to reach milestones.
  • Combat level is the player's combat level- this is helpful in determining whether or not players should engage in combat situations. This number also governs Pvp interactions in the wilderness (see also)- The maximum possible combat level is 123

Note: if a player places their cursor over a certain skill, they will see instead their current skill's XP and the next level's XP.


Main article: Quests

The quests tab displays the quest list and their status: green if the quest is complete, red otherwise. There are 17 Free-to-play and 33 Pay-to-play quests.

Discontinued skillsEdit

Name Type Date
PrayGood Skill 4 January 2001 - 24 May 2001
PrayEvil Skill 4 January 2001 - 24 May 2001
GoodMagic Skill 4 January 2001 - 24 May 2001
EvilMagic Skill 4 January 2001 - 24 May 2001
Tailoring Skill 4 January 2001 - April 2001
Hiding Status 4 January 2001 - 10 May 2001
Carpentry Skill 30 April 2002 - 12 December 2002