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steel bar
Steel bar

Released 4 January 2001 (Update)
Quest item No
Members item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable No
High alch 60gp
Low alch 40gp
Shop price 125gp - General Store
Sale price 40gp - General Store
Examine it's a bar of steel

Steel bars are a type of bar which can be made by players with at least level 30 smithing. Once can be smelted by having one piece of iron ore and two pieces of coal in the player's inventory, and then using either on a furnace, yielding 17.5 smithing experience.

Steel bars can be exchanged for steel bar certificates by talking to Miles in the Draynor Village market or Watto in Zanaris. This makes trading bulk amounts of steel bars easier and faster.

Dropped by Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black knight 46 1 2Common
Fire Giant 109 1 3Uncommon
Moss Giant 62 1 2Common

Forging steel bars Edit

Steel bars can be used for forging as part of the smithing skill. By using a steel bar on an anvil with a hammer in the player's inventory, steel armour and weapons can be created. Each steel bar gives 37.5 smithing experience when consumed to make an item.

Image Item Level Experience Bars
Steel dagger Steel dagger 30 37.5 1
Multi cannon ball Multi cannon ball * 30 25 1
Steel Axe Steel Axe 31 37.5 1
Steel Mace Steel Mace 32 37.5 1
Medium Steel Helmet Medium Steel Helmet 33 37.5 1
Steel Short Sword Steel Short Sword 34 37.5 1
Nails Nails 34 34 1
Steel dart tips 7 steel dart tips * 34 37.5 1
Steel arrow heads 10 steel arrow heads * 35 37.5 1
Steel Scimitar Steel Scimitar 35 75 2
Steel Long Sword Steel Long Sword 36 75 2
Large Steel Helmet Large Steel Helmet 37 75 2
Steel throwing knife 2 steel throwing knives * 37 37.5 1
Steel Square Shield Steel Square Shield 38 75 2
Steel battle Axe Steel battle axe 40 112.5 3
Steel Chain Mail Body Steel Chain Mail Body 41 112.5 3
Steel Kite Shield Steel Kite Shield 42 112.5 3
Steel 2-handed Sword Steel 2-handed Sword 44 112.5 3
Steel Plated skirt Steel Plated Skirt 46 112.5 3
Steel Plate Mail Legs Steel Plate Mail Legs 46 112.5 3
Steel Plate Mail Body Steel Plate Mail Body 48 187.5 5

* Indicates members-only items.

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