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Release date: 23 July 2002 (Update)
Start: Speak to King Arthur in Camelot
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium-long
Items needed: Excalibur Excalibur (from Merlin's Crystal)
Monsters to kill: Black Knight Titan (level 146)


What you need: The Excalibur sword from the Merlin's Crystal quest. You must have done this quest before trying to complete the Holy Grail quest. If you need to re-obtain Excalibur, then you can get one by talking to the lady of the lake again.

King Arthur: Will tell you to talk to Merlin. Merlin will tell you to talk to the High Priest of Entrana, and Sir Galahad who is living in a two story house on the outside west edge of McGrubor's Wood. Head to Entrana.

Entrana: First deposit any armour and weapons before going to Entrana (Items that provide no bonuses are allowed, with the exception of the Dragonstone amulet). When you go there, go to the church and talk to the high priest. The high priest will not care about the grail.

The crone will tell you about the holy grail and where to find it. Next go talk to Brother Galahad after speaking to the high priest. You will need to speak to the high priest. The crone will not appear interested in talking.

Brother Galahad: Go to his house west of McGrouber's Wood and talk to him, click on the option about seeking an item from the realm of the fisher, and he will give you a holy table napkin.

Whistle: After you get the holy table napkin, go to Draynor Manor. Go to third floor and retrieve two magic whistles in the room next to Ernest and Professor Oddenstein.

Black Knight Titan: Take Excalibur, the magic whistles, food, armour and a cure poison potion or poison antidote with you. Go to Brimhaven, carry on west till you find poison scorpions. Now head north and you should see a square plot of stone. Stand on this and blow a magic whistle. You are now teleported to the Fisher King Realm. To go further, you must kill the Black Knight Titan. You must use Excalibur to kill him, however he can be weakened first with another weapon. The final hit must be made with Excalibur though.

Castle: To get into the Fisher King's Castle you must first talk to the Fisherman. Go back to the castle and find the bell. Ring the bell and you teleported into the castle.

The King: Talk to the fisher king there and he will tell you about his son. Once you finished talking to the king, blow your whistle again and this will teleport you back to the square Plot.

Golden Feather: Go back to King Arthur and talk to him. He will give you the magic golden feather.

Goblin Village map

Location of Sir Percival in Goblin Village

Son: Sir Percival is found in Goblin Village. Find the sacks and prod them. Give him a magic whistle.

Claiming your reward: Go back to Brimhaven with a magic whistle and visit the castle in the Fisher King Realm and speak to Percival, who is now King. Go upstairs, take the Holy grail, and go back to Camelot to speak to King Arthur again.


Completing the quest



  • If the player tries to use a teleport spell inside the Fisher King Realm, the game will print a message saying that teleport spells cannot be used beyond level 20 wilderness, indicating that the realm is somewhere beyond that.
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