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For information on training this skill, see Thieving training.

Thieving is a skill in RuneScape Classic which allows players to steal from non-player characters whether by pickpocketing or stealing from stalls and chests. Thieving proves to be quite profitable and is generally used to make money as coins and valuable items are obtained in the process. There are three ways to train the thieving skill: pickpocketing, looting chests, and looting stalls.

Getting startedEdit

In order to begin training the thieving skill, players must start by pickpocketing before they can steal from stalls. Pickpocketing men is the only option at level one thieving. Men can be found all over Gielinor, making the skill readily available for new players.


Pickpocketing can be done by simply right-clicking on a specific NPC and choosing the "pickpocket" option. If the pickpocket is successful, the player will gain some loot along with thieving experience. If the pickpocket fails, then the NPC will engage in combat with the player. To continue pickpocketing, the player must run away or kill the NPC and wait for it to respawn. While pickpocketing you should bring food with you unless you have a high defence level, because you will be attacked if pickpocketing fails.


Someone pickpocketing a warrior.

Image Name Level Experience Loot Location
Man Man 1 8
  • 3 Coins
Farmer Farmer 10 14.5
  • 9 Coins
Al kharid warrior Warrior 25 26
  • 18 Coins
Workman Workman 25 0
Rogue Rogue 32 35.5
Varrock guard Guard 40 46.5
  • 30 Coins
Knight Knight 55 84.5
  • 50 Coins
Yanille Watchman Watchman 65 137.5
Ardougne Paladin Paladin 70 152
Gnome Local Gnome 75 198
Hero Hero 80 274


Throughout Gielinor are many stalls that allow players to steal from. The most common location for stealing from stalls is Ardougne. Looting stalls is another alternative to pickpocketing and requires a higher thieving level to begin. To steal from a stall, find a stall that can be looted, right-click on it and select the option "steal from". Once a stall is stolen from, it will take several seconds for it the items to respawn in the stalls. If the player is unsuccessful, the player will be attacked by a guard, knight, paladin or hero depending on the level required to steal from the stall.

Image Stall Level Experience Loot
Stall Bakers Stall 5 16
Rock cake stall Rock Cake stall 15 16
Stall Silk Stall 20 24
Stall Fur Stall 35 36
Stall Silver stall 50 54
Stall Spice stall 65 81
Stall Gem stall 75 160


Some chests throughout RuneScape Classic require thieving in order to unlock.

Image Location(s) Name Level Experience Loot Respawn Time
Chest Ardougne Market House, Pirates' Hideout, Axe Hut 10 Coin Chest 13 7.5 10 Coins 10 seconds
Nature Chest1 Ardougne Market House Second Floor, Pirates' Hideout Nature-rune Chest 28 25 3 Coins, Nature-Rune Nature-Rune 25 seconds
Chest Ardougne Market House Second Floor, Axe House 50 Coin Chest 43 125 50 Coins 100 seconds
Chest Hemenster Hemenster Chest 47* 150 20 Coins, 5 steel arrow heads Steel arrow heads 150 seconds
Chest Ardougne Chaos Druid Tower Blood-rune Chest 59 250

2 blood-runes Blood-Rune

250 seconds
Chest Ardougne Paladin Castle Upstairs Paladin Chest 72 500 1000 Coins, Raw Shark Raw Shark, Adamantite ore Adamantite ore, Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 500 seconds

* Chest requires lockpick

Doors Edit

Some locked doors can be lock-picked with high enough thieving. Having a a lockpick in inventory increases the success rate of lock-picking.

Location Level Experience
One-storey houses, Ardougne 7 4
Nature-Rune Chest house, Ardougne 16 15
House next to Baker stall, Ardougne; Ardougne Mansion door 21 15
Ardougne sewer mine 31 25
Axe House, Wilderness level 54 32* 25
Pirates' Hideout, Wilderness level 54 39* 35
Chaos Druid Tower 46 37
Underground Pass Railings 50 0
Legends Cavern, Ancient Wooden Doors 50* 25
Paladin House, Ardougne 61 50
Yanille agility dungeon 82* 50

* Door requires lockpick


For more detailed information on training, see Thieving training

The most efficient way to train thieving is by pickpocketing as there is only a small delay between pickpockets. It is advisable to have food and armour to be prepared for any combat. Once level 5 is reached, new players should begin stealing from Cake stalls in order to have a ready supply of food after combat. Ardougne is the preferred area to train the skill as many of the resources are located in and around this area. Higher levelled players can sell their loot back to the stall owners, but only after a certain period of time with exception of the baker.

Quest rewardsEdit


  • The first person to gain 99 thieving was Swedemike
  • Drinking from the poison chalice has the possibility to temporarily increase the player's thieving level by 1.

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