Release date: 27 February 2002 (Update)
Start: Talk to the boy near the gate entrance of Taverley.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Short
Requirements: You must be able to defeat 4 monsters from level 19 to 53 without a break or stopping to eat food. This should not be hard for any player over level 60. A player with a combat level of 39 can do this quest easily with level 37 prayer for Paralyze Monster.
Items needed: Leather gloves and Cheese (bring several in case you accidentally eat some of them)
Monsters to kill: Shapeshifter fought over four forms:
Whiches house start

Start of quest location

Door mat

Front door key is under the mat


  1. Speak with the boy on the north side of the Witches House in Taverley.
  2. Search the door mat to obtain the front door key and enter the house.
  3. Go upstairs and grab the diary from the table. Read it to learn about her security system.
  4. Go downstairs and climb the ladder to the basement. Wear your leather gloves and open the gate. Retrieve the magnet from the cupboard.
  5. Back up the ladder, go through the door opposite the front door. Drop the cheese and the rat will come out. Attach the magnet to it. Be quick before the rat leaves! The rat should open the door as read in the diary.
  6. Go through the back door and try to open the shed door.
  7. You will hear foot steps. Head to the house door next to the door you entered the garden through and hide in the small room. Nora T Hag will come out and open the shed. If she catches you, she'll teleport you to the Crafting Guild, and you'll have to go back and grab the magnet again.
  8. Once she's gone back into the house, you can try to get the ball. A shapeshifter will appear. Kill it in all four forms, then pick up the ball and take it back to the boy. If you run from battle, you cannot re-attack the shapeshifter except in its earliest form. You need to grab for the ball again and start the battle all over.


Quest end

Gallery Edit

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