Location on World Map
Draynor Village
Thurgo's Peninsula Wizard's Tower Lumbridge Swamp
Tutorial Island
Wizards tower

The Wizards' Tower is located south of Draynor Village, over a bridge. It plays a part in the Imp Catcher, Demon Slayer, and Restless Ghost quests. The tower was made by Wizards to learn more about Magic. It holds several level 16 Wizards. There is also a level 25 Darkwizard.

This is the location of the first lesser demon added to RuneScape, at the time simply called 'Demon'. It is found in a cage on the 2nd floor[UK], through which players can attack with ranged and magic, and cast telekinetic grab on the drops.

The Restless GhostEdit

Restless ghost skull

In The Restless Ghost, players must find the skull belonging to a ghost. It is located in the tower's cellar. Attempting to pick up this skull will result in the player being attacked by a skeleton.

Demon SlayerEdit

Traiborn the wizard (located on the 1st floor[UK]) holds one of the keys to silverlight. He is slightly odd, however.

Imp CatcherEdit

In the Imp catcher quest, Wizard Mizgog, residing on 2nd floor[UK], asks the player to collect several magic beads which have been stolen by Imps.

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